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Wine purchase and evaluation bottle service

Do you have wine to sell? Bottles of wine to be evaluated?

WineTip offers the wine purchase and bottle evaluation service; he is always on the lookout for great wines from excellent vintages and buys regularly both from private individuals and from restaurants and shops. Through our experts we can evaluate your cellar.

A lot of people have old bottles in a cellar. And not only operators in the sector, collectors and experts, but also people who have inherited them, or received them as a gift or simply forgotten for years. Today we often read about wines valued at very high prices and therefore the question arises spontaneously: do we have valuable bottles in the cellar?

As merchants we only buy bottles that we consider resalable because they have, at least for us, market demand. On the other hand, WineTip, operating on different markets, could find customers for wine that is no longer sold at its restaurant or that it no longer likes in its cellar. Own and customers’ tastes often change quickly while cellars are more static.

All offers made are to be understood as payable on delivery. We only buy well-preserved bottles and prefer original cases and cartons.
  • Barolo or Barbaresco of the following producers: Giacomo Conterno, Bruno Giacosa, Gaja, Bartolo Mascarello, Giuseppe Mascarello, Sandrone, Aldo Conterno, Vietti, Giuseppe Rinaldi, Giacomo Borgogno
  • Brunello di Montalcino of the following producers: Soldera, Biondi Santi, Salvioni, La Cerbaiona (Molinari), Poggio di Sotto, Casanova di Neri
  • Super Tuscans Sassicaia, Masseto, Ornellaia, Solaia, Tignanello, Redigaffi, Pergole Torte, Flaccianello
  • Amarone Quintarelli, Dal Forno, Bertani
  • All the best Bordeaux wines, especially Chateau Lafite, Latour, Mouton, Margaux, Haut Brion, Petrus, Cheval Blanc, Angelus, Le Pin, d’Yquem
  • All the best Borgogna wines, especially DRC, Leroy, d’Auvenay, Rousseau, Domaine Leflaive, Roumier, Mugnier
  • The best vintage Champagnes, especially Dom Perignon, Krug, Cristal, Salon, Selosse
  • Vintage whiskies or long-aged ones (from 15 years on), especially Macallan
  • Other aged and vintage important spirits

Send the wine list – for more than 10 references in excel format, specifying:

  • name of the wine
  • producer and year
  • quality
  • packaging (carton or original case)

Add the useful information to contact you, whether you are a private individual or a trader:

  • name
  • surname
  • telephone number
  • where the wines are stored

Attach a maximum of 3 photos to the email, recommended for older and more valuable bottles.

If necessary, we will ask you for more photos later.


We respond within 48 hours (except for holidays or business trips) only to those who comply with our instructions.
Offers of clearly worthless wines will not be answered.

The evaluations made are valid for 7 days. The prices indicated are VAT excluded in the case of sales from a commercial establishment (invoice for the sale of wines with 22% VAT); on the other hand, they are finished prices in the case of a private transfer (private transfer not subject to VAT).
For private individuals, a private agreement will be made for the transfer of their own assets.
Le valutazioni NON sono trattabili.

If you intend to sell all or part of the wines evaluated, they must be delivered to our headquarters. These, after further verification, will be paid directly in cash (if available, and up to the legal maximum), by check (circular, for very high amounts), or immediate bank transfer.

Alternatively, the wines can be shipped (at the seller’s expense) by attaching the private sale form that will be sent to you via email. In this case, payment is made by bank transfer after checking the bottles sent (in any case within 24 hours). It is advisable to use Mailbox etc or in any case suitable and safe packaging.

Via Morbelli, 7 – 20149 Milan (Italy) – To the attention of Alberto Cristofori

  • Send a list only for wines in excellent condition (perfect label, wine level at the neck, bright colour). o evaluate the conditions of a wine it should be uncorked but there are some methods to understand if the bottle is in good condition without opening it: check that the capsule does not show any signs of mold or leaking of the wine; try to crush the capsule, if the cork tends to slide down then it has dried favoring oxidation; check that the wine level is still high in the neck of the bottle; look at the bottle in transparency with a light behind it to evaluate the color fastness. Obviously, if the bottle is of an important wine and the aging took place lying down in a cellar with an almost constant temperature of around 15 degrees and a humidity of around 70%, then it is easy for the bottle in question to pass all the tests.
  • Our evaluations are monetary offers and as such they can only be compared to other monetary offers and not to estimates and evaluations made by producers, experts, traders who do not offer to buy the wines. The evaluations made can also be very different from these estimates or from the sale prices that can be found, in particular for wines that have little market.
  • Tasting: we reserve the right to taste one or two bottles together with the seller (paying 50% of the offer price) to get an indication of the general state of conservation before concluding the deal.
  • Send list only for important wines. Only a few types of wine have a long longevity: mainly Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino, Barbaresco, Amarone, the best Tuscan reds and some dessert wines. A separate discussion for French wines where both Bordeaux and Burgundy have been producing long aging wines for more than a century. Furthermore, only the bottles of the best vintages are still sought after and can have interesting valuations. Therefore, if the wines owned do not fall into these categories then they will hardly have a great value. For example, the following categories of wines have no commercial value for us: Chianti, Barbera, Dolcetto, Gattinara, non-vintage Champagne, Ghemme, white and rosé wines over 10 years old, non-vintage spirits, etc.
  • Only the wines of a few Producers have significant market value, particularly if you move to older vintages.
  • Old Champagnes: The state of conservation is very critical in old champagnes. The color must still be clear and bright, if the color has darkened easily they are worthless. Non-vintage Champagnes no longer have any commercial value because they are usually not long-lived and it is not possible to determine their age.

Our dedicated service is simple and fast, from evaluating your wine to paying. Do not wait: