milano wine vault


An important announcement from us at WineTip: today the first Italian Wine Vault opens, complete with a deluxe set-up and exclusive services. The Milano Wine Vault is a veritable vault with temperature and humidity control, containing 90 wine lockers and 3 wine rooms. They have been designed for individuals and companies for the storage and display of rare and precious bottles. The lockers are fully equipped. In addition, WineTip offers a range of tailor-made services such as consultancy for the evaluation of the bottles or the possibility of delivery and collection in Milan and Hinterland within a few hours. We can organise private events in our new degustation room with open plan kitchen, perfect for tastings, show cooking and themed dinners.

Milano Wine Vault: The first wine vault in Italy with perfect temperature and humidity control and first class services

Inside the historic headquarters and vast cellar of WineTip in via Angelo Morbelli 7, a vault has been created, consisting of 90 wine lockers and 3 equipped wine rooms for a total capacity of approximately 5,000 bottles.

Each room is fitted with shelves and display drawers to comfortably store 300 bottles. For a smaller alternative, the lockers have a capacity of 42. The bottles rest in an optimal horizontal position waiting to be uncorked. The entire vault guarantees a temperature of 15 degrees and a humidity of 70%, perfect conditions for conserving wine. Access to the entire caveu is allowed only with a security code. Each storage space, both the rooms and the lockers, has a lock with a security key kept by the WineTip management. Therefore it is only possible to enter the vault in the presence of our staff.

All the bottles stored in the vault are registered and catalogued, as well as any entry or exit of references, for insurance reasons. Not only is this service ideal for those who are wine enthusiasts or collectors, but also for those interested in marketing their own collectible bottles. In fact, our experts can offer advice for the evaluation and possible marketing of the wines stored in the lockers or in the rooms, upon the owners request.

At WineTip it is also possible to organize an on-site tasting or dinner with show cooking by a chef served in the new tasting room: this is an ideal service for individuals or companies who wish to organize private meetings in a unique and impressive location. Those who use our wine storage service will have first access to events and offers. Such an exclusive range of services makes the Milano Wine Vault the prime example of unique Italian wine storage.

"Wine collectors are on the rise, but they often don’t know where to store their bottles, or don’t have an suitable facility. Today this structure exists thanks to WineTip and is located in the centre of Milano. Enthusiasts and collectors will have the opportunity to keep their wines in perfect storge conditions and have the possibility to share their most treasures bottles to friends or clients." - Alberto Cristofori, Cofounder & Partner WineTip.

An annual subscription is required to use the Milano Wine Vault service:

  • 360 euros per year plus VAT for wine lockers
  • 2000 euros per year plus VAT for the wine rooms.

Perfect storage conditions for your precious bottles at less than 1 euro per day.