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Italy 24 news: “Wine vault”, in Milan the first cellar for wine collectors

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A caveau from 5 thousand fine bottles from to preserve at the right temperature, expose and serve. The paradise for wine collectors, the first in Italy, was born in Milan. It is called Wine vault and the new cellar designed by the company WineTip, wine merchant which deals with various services related to wine, such as business consultancy and distribution in starred hotels and restaurants.

Wine collectors are on the rise, but they often don’t know where to store their bottles, or don’t have an adequate facility. Thanks to WineTip, today this structure exists and is located in the center of Milano. So enthusiasts and collectors have the opportunity to keep their wines at controlled temperature and humidity, and show their treasures to friends or customers, he said. Alberto Cristofori, Cofunder & Partner WineTip, presenting this luxury basement like the first wine storage of Italy with exclusive services. The new caveau stands next to the historic winery of the company where a space composed of 90 has been created wine locker (a kind of bottle cabinets) and 3 wine room. Here the best vintages are stored at 15 degrees with a humidity of 70%. There is so much room. Each room has, in fact, a capacity of about 300 bottles, while in the locker there are 42 labels. All the bottles are cataloged and registered. Both the lockers and the rooms have a lock with a security key guarded by the staff. The income and expenses in the caveau are controlled.

The storage only one of the services provided. The bottles rest and age in an ideal situation, to then be delivered or picked up, an ad hoc space is available for uncork e taste. Private meetings and ad hoc dinners can be organized. Those who want to market their collection, or want to buy a product, can obviously receive the advice and options of sommeliers and other experts who are part of the company. To access the vault, you can take out an annual subscription: 360 euros plud VAT for the wine lockers and 2,000 euros for the wine rooms.